Did you know carbon fiber material is used in more than hundreds of products? This composite material is very light and much stronger than almost every metal. It has revolutionized the space and the aerospace industries. Carbon fiber is used in many ways and its everywhere.


Carbon fiber material and cars have a long history together. Many components are made from this awesome material, from small components to complete body shells. The most commonly seen carbon parts in a cars are the roof, the wheels, spoilers and rear diffusers. Almost every high-performance car is been made with a large amount of carbon fiber material. Manufacturers choose this material to reduce weight, reach higher speed goals and faster acceleration.

Sport equipment

Carbon fiber material is used in almost all sport equipment, for example tennis rackets, running shoes and hockey sticks. Sport brands producing sport equipment with carbon fiber, because it enables them to produce a product with a higher strength, light weight and high stiffness. If you want to reach your sport goals, you should choose a carbon fiber product.


Bicycles and motor bikes

Carbon fiber is ultralight, strong and waterproof. Due to these elements it is the perfect material for producing a high performance bike. Carbon fiber material is mostly used in the frame and the wheels. Carbon fiber is also used in bicycle equipment, like helmets. A carbon fiber helmet is strong, comfortable, light in weight and safe.

Carbon fiber wallets

Carbon fiber is really everywhere. This material even can be used for producing wallets. Fiber wallets are great to use and unique. Nowadays these wallets are becoming more popular. A wallet from carbon fiber material is more durable than a leather wallet. Besides that, it’s more compact and lighter.


There are many people who carry a pocketknife if they go outside. A pocketknife should not be cumbersome or too heavy. Manufacturers know this and that’s why they produce carbon fiber pocketknives. Carbon fiber material is used in many ways. Some pocketknives are completely made from carbon fiber, while other models just have a carbon fiber handle or a carbon fiber blade.

Medical prosthetics

Did you know that carbon fiber material is even used in medical prosthetics? This material has awesome advantages. It is strong, comfortable, sustainable, waterproof and light weighted. Due to these benefits, carbon fiber is the most perfect material for medical prosthetics. The material can be used in applications like wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs and walking sticks.

Sailboats and fishing boats

In every high performance sailboat and fishing boat you will see parts of carbon fiber material. It is used in applications like poles, battens and masts. Why manufacturers choose for carbon fiber material? This is a simple three-word answer: lighter, stiffer, stronger. These qualities make carbon fiber the perfect material for boats.