I moved to the Netherlands in 2002 when CBD products were not legal in most countries. But today, several countries have legalized CBD. Still, the reality remains confusing for the Netherlands – we treat tolerate CBD and perceive it as legal, regardless of the Opium Law that prohibits hemp and hemp-derived oils. For this reason, getting CBD products across the Netherlands isn’t challenging anymore. I can either buy CBD oil online or in the physical stores that advertise them for sale.

Besides the coffee shops, I can find my favorite CBD oil brand legally anywhere among sellers who keep THC levels below 0.5% — across counters. Here are the main things I have learned about buying CBD oil Netherlands.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

CBD products are increasingly popular in the modern world, thanks to the fact that they carry minimal to non-existent side effects. Some of the adverse negative side effects I have experienced among my family and friends include low blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, and dry mouth – despite being rare and bearable.

Anytime I buy CBD oil, coffee, or chocolate, among other products, I ensure that I read the instructions carefully. Before using the products, I also recommend checking with the seller about any inquiries or doubts.

The buying, selling, and usage of CBD oil in the Netherlands are accompanied by numerous misconceptions, which creates significant confusion in the market. However, these products are highly tolerable in the Netherlands – and even treated as legal even though they remain illegal. For this reason, no one can bother CBD product users and dealers within the Netherlands despite the absence of any laws legalizing the product. Therefore you can sell and buy CBD oil Netherlands without having to worry about any legal repercussions.

People use CBD oil for various reasons, such as pain management, reduction of stress, and depression symptoms. Studies show that CBD oil increases blood pressure around the eye by up to 18% making it risky for people with glaucoma and related augenprobleme. For this reason, people with augenprobleme should consult with professionals before using the oil.