woven shopping basket

If you do not wish to compromise when it comes to design but you still want a practical basket, look no further. A woven shopping basket is the ultimate trendsetter for the coming summer period. In truth, these baskets can be used for anything you might think of. General storing of goods, going out grocery shopping or even for storing your inflatables when you’re headed for a day at the beach.

Benefits of woven materials

The openness of the woven shopping basket allows it to fully breathe for fresh air. That means it is also great for storing textiles such as towels and small terrace pillows. Don’t see yourself doing that? Perhaps you should flip everything upside down. Literally. Because the woven baskets also make for an amazingly awe inspiring light source when placed over a lamp. Be careful not to mount the lightly flammable basket to close to the light source though!

Besides the above appliances, a woven shopping basket can be used for so much more. It truly excels in home decor, where you could use them as a fruit basket, a laundry bin or an easy portable storage for your kids’ toys.

woven shopping basket

Unique rustic design

Tine K Home is the foremost seller of rustic and organic looking furniture and home decor. Woven baskets are definitely one of these home decor pieces. They are perfectly accented by the bamboo furniture offered by Tine K Home.