Are you looking for an HDMI multiviewer? At Dualz Software you’re at the right place. Our Mosaic HDMI Multiviewer is the best solution for you. With this multiviewer you will receive all your favourite channels at a glance and full overview of MPEG2, H.264 and HEVC video services. Our HDMI multiviewer features functions such as round robin and penalty box, giving a visual overview of all the channels.

Monitor everything within one system

With our HDMI Multiviewer it’s possible to enable you to monitor everything within one system. The number of channels which you can receive is unlimited. Our innovative multiviewer is developed by a team of experts, using the latest technology. Besides that, the multiviewer is tested on stable software decoders. The Mosaic HDMI multiviewer also supports HW acceleration and GPU-based decoding.

Functions of our HDMI Multiviewer

Our HDMI Multiviewer features many functions:
  • Mpeg2, Mpeg4, H.264, HEVC, and more

  • UDP, RTMP, SDI, HDMI, USBcam, and more

  • Round robin modes

  • Penalty box

  • VU meters

  • GPU based decoding (hw acceleration)

  • Unlimited number of services

Interested in our HDMI Multiviewer?

Are you interested in our HDMI Multiviewer? Than take a look at our website for more information the multiviewer and try out our free demo. Or visit our YouTube channel with demos of our multiviewer. For more information, a detailed quotation or a free software demonstration, please contact us. We are reachable by phone of just fill in the contact form on our website.