One less worry with the industrial air filtration systems of JOA – you will find out if you read this article!

You operate a plant in nowadays economy, that is quite different from how things were done about 100 years ago. Even three years ago doing business was different, especially in the industrial plants. Unfortunately, we humans have caused tremendous challenges within our climate. Due to all the gasses that were and are released into our air we now have to be much more careful in order not to go extinct. This is a huge task and requires everybody to do their best to try to reduce as much emissions as possible. Thus, not only from a moral standpoint you try to make your plant as clean as possible but also regulation have caught up on this.

Why would you invest in an industrial air filtration system?

The current business landscape poses many challenges, especially for the industry. With the heating, mixing, melting, liming, filing and other processes, gasses are released into the air within and outside of the plant. Therefore, the main challenges are:

  • To create a healthy work environment for your operators to reduce diseases with efficient extraction systems
  • To ensure explosion safety to protect your operators having the right ATEX proof equipment
  • To reduce and recover energy use, both for environmental and economic purposes
  • To limit the emissions for both outdoor and indoor vapor dust and odor challenges
  • To improve the economics of your business by reducing the downtime, with tailor-made and balanced extraction systems

The solution to these challenges is surprisingly easy: an industrial air filtration system from JOA. This will bring your business more safety, more turnover, more profit and less maintenance! As a real businessperson this sounds like music to your ears, doesn’t it? First however, you need to know the exact specific requirements that are applicable to your plant before installing an industrial air filtration system. There is no one size fits all in the case of an air filtration system and thus it is recommended to create a list. On this should be the forces and dimensions that are applicable to the installations within your factory. This way JOA – with the industrial air filtration system can help you the best way possible and are they able to ensure the maximum benefits.

To conclude: Why choose for JOA?

The process does matter and at JOA they understand this. At JOA they love to solve a complex challenge in which a smart industrial air filtration system is combined with environmental and economic benefits. Their expertise lies with air technology and with their knowledgeable engineers and multi-disciplinary team they can provide you peace of mind when it comes to harnessing your plant for the future. To create a solution that fits your plant perfectly you can contact them for a free consultation session after which they assist you step by step through the process. Your industrial air filtration system will be installed within no time and without much effort from your side. Curious? Go to to see what they can do for you.