round daybed

My wife chose the Round Garden Daybed for our garden and I have to say I was totally against the idea at first. I thought it would be more practical to get a rectangular bed as then we can utilize the space better. But her idea was to make the daybed the centerpiece and then to work from there. It was a stroke of genius as it looks amazing now everything is finished. We put it in the exact center of the garden and then put plants all around the fenced area. It looks like the kind of thing you would see in a fancy spa.

Overall Rating

Overall the Round Garden Daybed looks very professional and it instantly made the garden area one of my favorite places now. I love the comfort it gives, but more so I love the clean look it gives. The garden looks like it was designed by an architect and the simplicity of the area makes you feel like you are in a wide-open space. I find myself thinking about that space when I’m at work so it is fast becoming my go-to place for relaxing.

round garden daybed