Because of the amazing business opportunities the Netherlands has to offer, for several years they welcomed a lot of foreign entrepreneurs from all over the world. It is very easy starting a business in the Netherlands as a foreign. The company ‘set-up your Dutch company’ has many years experience in guiding foreign business owners to start a business in the Netherlands. With their help, you can start your business within a few days on distance.  All you need to do is to fill in a short checklist of only 2 pages, and the company will help you start up your Dutch company.

The company offers several extended services; they can provide in every aspect you wish for.


Services related to starting a business in the Netherlands

If you want to open a company on distance, it is nice if you can trust someone to take care of all the needed requirements in a professional way. They services ‘set up your Dutch company’ provides to all foreign entrepreneurs are;

– Opening a Dutch company bank (on distance)

– Obtaining a  VAT number

– Accountant services

– Secretary services

– registered office (they Dutch address your company needs to have)

– Tax services


With all these services the company is able to help you starting up your Dutch business within 5 working days already!