In addition to renting a machine for a day or perhaps a week, large rental companies also offer the option of renting a product for a longer period of time, such as one, two or even three years. This is also referred to as a “mini-lease” or “short-lease”. The lease contracts include insurance, repairs, maintenance and replacement in the event of failure. Equipment can even be supplied in company color. So the contractor no longer has to worry about his equipment. In fact, a performance is therefore hired, such as excavation, vertical transport or modular housing.

Outsourcing your equipment

A new way to manage your equipment is outsourcing according to You outsource all or part of the management of machines and equipment to a large rental company. The result: less costs and more productivity.

Up-to-date equipment

Another advantage of renting is that a construction company always has the most modern techniques. A contractor will not buy a new machine every year because there is a new version. But at a large rental company you can always have the latest machines. In addition, all rental machines have been inspected and certified at the leading rental. You must have your own equipment inspected every year. Moreover, when renting you have the guarantee that such a machine also works when you need it. You do not have that warranty with your own machine.


Renting also means customization. Suppose you need a small aerial platform for a job at a height of six meters, then you do not rent an aerial platform of 20 meters. But if you buy a cherry picker, it must be usable for all activities. This means that you use a much too heavy machine for a lot of work. The high cost of his machine therefore puts pressure on the smaller jobs. Just think of fuel, maintenance and depreciation. In short: renting offers many advantages over buying in many situations.

It is even possible to rent manned machines. Are you facing a staff shortage due to unexpected circumstances? Or do you not have qualified personnel to perform work? Then the large rental companies offer this solution.

Rent without risk?

The rental company is responsible for providing well-functioning and approved material with user manuals. The rental is also responsible for giving user instructions. However, you can be held liable by the rental company for damage due to accidents, theft, fire, burglary, leaks, and the like. You must therefore have liability insurance yourself. The renter is also responsible for the daily maintenance of the machine or tools. In addition, of course, the renter is expected to take care of the equipment. You must also return the equipment clean. If not, the rental company can have the equipment cleaned at your expense. These costs can add up if, for example, paint or mortar residues remain on the equipment.

With a number of rental companies it is possible to cover yourself against damage caused through no fault of your own. The coverage here concerns material damage to rented objects caused by external calamities, operating errors, incompetence and negligence, theft, fire, explosions, lightning strikes, aircraft damage, vandalism, traffic risks and own defect. Damage caused by improper use is at the expense of the tenant, as are costs incurred in connection with an incorrect report of malfunctions.