Are you having enough prepaid sim card Europe? If you don’t, i can help you with this! For a month ago i was on a holiday with my husband. A really nice week were whe have enough fun.

The moment when we were back home i get the bill from using our phone. The bill was really high, to high to understand this. So i picked up the phone and call the sender from this bill. First of all i want to know all about it before i’ll pay.

Good help

A nice voice on the other side of the phone helped me really good to understand the bill. She said that it’s happend because i use our phone every day. Just to check my social media and call back home. Because i didn’t know that you have to pay extra, this is te reason why the bill is so high.

I deside to look at  the internet for a website where i can get it cheaper. Thanks to the page i find the answere i wanna see. Here it’s possible to buy a prepaid sim card wich i can use for whole Europe. I hope that i won’t get any bills with those numbers again.