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There are a lot of reasons for getting a used gearbox. In some cases, reconditioning or repairing your gearbox is not just worth the amount of money and effort being pumped into it. This could be because of your car’s condition, age, or the unavailability of available spare parts.

Furthermore, while buying a new gearbox might be more promising when it comes to reliability and efficiency, it is significantly more expensive than reconditioning. If any of these scenarios speak to your situation, purchasing a used gearbox will be your best bet.

What Does A Gearbox Do?

To understand what a gearbox does, we need to first look into how an automotive operates and the processes that go behind it. You see, the energy that powers the car is produced from the engine. It is then transformed into mechanical rotation thanks to the driveshaft, which is what basically sets the car in motion.

However, as your car moves, its speed needs to be altered from time to time, and it needs to be done safely and efficiently. Well, this is where the gearbox comes in. When accelerating, a gear change boosts the engine revolution velocity to match the increased energy being output. When decelerating, the opposite applies.

The types: Manual vs. Automatic.

Used gearboxes come in varying individual specifications, but they basically fall under two categories. These types are:

Manual gearbox

Manual gearboxes are meant for cars with manual transmissions. In this case, there will be a clutch available, and the driver has to physically switch to another gear. Because of this, the driver gets full control over when to switch the gear and the revolutions per minute of the car. This affects the acceleration of the car.

Gearboxes of this type tend to be cheaper, less pricey to maintain, and more efficient. They, however, take some time to master, but once you get the hang of it, they offer greater control

Automatic gearbox

On the other hand, Automatic gearboxes are meant for cars with automatic motors. Here, the driver doesn’t have to physically shift gears. Since the gearbox shifts itself, these types of vehicles won’t have a clutch.

These types tend to be easy to master and require less time to achieve control. The downside is that they are generally heavier, use more fuel, and are more expensive to maintain.

Used generator set

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