What’s more freeing than driving at full speed with the windows opened? Having the wind blow through your car is blissful, especially during hotter weather. But what if it starts to rain? You’re going to get soaked! The peaceful calm will be shattered, making it an experience you would sooner forget. However, with ClimAir, this will not be a problem! These wind deflectors will help to ensure that no water will enter your car when the windows are open. Instead, rain and wind will bypass them entirely! Compared to regular visors, ClimAir also greatly reduces the sound produced while in use, making these a great addition to any car. The ability to save on fuel costs is also increased due to the need to use air conditioning less. Not only will the environment be happy, but you will be too with ClimAir! These products are available through All4Honda who specializes in tuning, styling and replacing parts for cars.

Wind Deflector Fittings

Because of the way ClimAir Wind Deflectors are fitted, no sticking will occur to the outside of the car. Attaching them is very straight forward and requires little equipment. To fit the clips for ClimAir, a simple flat-head screwdriver is the only item required! These get attached to the top of the car door and rests snug against the window frame. Once fitted, rain and wind won’t ever be a problem again! Both the driver and passenger will be able to enjoy a joyous and environmentally friendly drive. Furthermore, every Wind Deflector is created to fit every type of car, so ClimAir is available to everyone!

More information

Want to find out more information about ClimAir and how these wind deflectors can benefit your car? Look no further than the All4Honda ClimAir collection. Here you will find a wide selection of ClimAir products suitable for all cars. Make your journey a rain and wind free one with ClimAir Wind Deflectors!