If you know anything about racing, you will know that Hardrace products are top-of-the-line. However, you may be new to the racing scene and have the question, what is Hardrace? Hardrace provides stabilizing products that can be attached to any race car. This will greatly increase not only the stability of driving but also the quality and the speed at which you travel. Since 1998, Hardrace has been the top-selling brand of racing car parts, creating items that every driver wants to maintain their auto.

By making racing more enjoyable, either by stabilizing the steering to smoothing out the turns, you’ll find every part you need from Hardrace. These products are readily available from the wide selection from All4Honda, a specialist in tuning, styling and replacing car parts.

Hardrace have parts suitable for every car

The variety of products that Hardrace offers are many. Because of this, Hardrace has parts that are suitable for every car infrastructure. Sway bars will help the handling of the oversteer and understeer. Since the suspension will be linked, this keeps the car flat when making turns. Sway Bar Bushings, both rear and front, are also available. These range from 12 MM to 28.2MM and are suitable for most brands of cars. These parts will help strengthen the suspension and steering response, both critical when it comes to racing! 

Ball Joints will help minimize suspension deflection and create a more accurate feeling when steering. Having a good control arm to make the wheels turn quicker is a must, so Hardrace has a selection of adjustable Camber kits that will suit your driving style. Arm Bushings for both rear and front will also help strengthen the steering of the car. Extended Wheel Studs will allow larger wheels or tires to be installed and are made from high-quality alloy steel.

The list is endless. Roll Centre Plates, Hicas lock bars, Super Angel Tie Rods, Hubs Packages, Engine mounts, you’ll find the parts you need to upgrade your car from Hardrace.

More information?

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