Kipling was created by three friends from Belgium. In 1987 they decided to design bags that match the wishes of women. Their main mission was that the bags were not boring and are of high quality. Over the years, the Kipling sacs have become even more famous, mainly because they have not only focused on the target market for women, but have also started designing backpacks, sports bags and even school bags. Especially from 1990 to 2000, the Kipling backpack was an indispensable part of the schools, today’s youth is not so familiar with the brand.

Various designers versus quality

Although Kipling is still successful after all these years, the brand continues to develop. Kipling has been working with various designers since 2006, in this way various designers get the opportunity to show their view of the world through the designs. Kipling regularly works with various designers and has therefore collected a diverse range of designs. But still, with the purchase of a Kipling bag you are assured of good quality even after years of use of the bag.

Kipling range

Over the years, the collection has only become more versatile, not only due to the many collaborations but also the expansion in terms of items. Where Kipling first started with fashionable bags for women and later also backpacks, Kipling is now known for much more. Students do not only need a backpack at school, but also cases for their penware, so cases can now also be found at Kipling, so that the student and / or student is equipped with everything. Nowadays, bags are often used for work where a bag also requires space for documents, business supplies, but also laptops. Kipling responds to this market by designing various bags for every occasion. The bags are made of strong Nylon and all have a practical layout, so that everything is within reach, even in your bag. Kipling bags are known even in the travel industry, not only for the quality, but also for the diversity of the bags. Whether you are a traveler looking for a suitcase, toiletry or travel bag, there is something for everyone at Kipling. It is therefore a brand that responds to current trends, but is also at home in all markets (Source: