Discount code A multinational corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, an actor based in Hollywood, and the author of your most referred book share a characteristic. All these characters have similar ambitions and years of persistence and hard work. In addition, there seems to be a correlation between them. A study by reveals that the number of brothers and sisters in your family influences your career path.

Research outcome

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The research also indicates the order in which children were born affects their career paths later in life.

The research is not restrained to just the three mentioned career positions of Chief Executive Officer, Hollywood actor, and author. It is based on eleven diverse professions. These include some favorite and inspiring careers such as artists, composers, authors, athletes, Chief Executive officers (CEO), Reality TV stars, Astronauts, Rock Stars, Politicians, Engineers, and Researchers.

From the research, there were key findings. Results indicate that middle children have a 30% more probability to progress their career to a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) than their siblings. Those aspiring to participate in the Olympics have a 41% more chance to achieve this than their brothers and sisters. The research also showed that there is 29% of astronauts are the oldest sibling in the family. Neil Armstrong was coincidentally the oldest sibling after his landing on the moon.

25% of rock stars such as Bob Dylan are the oldest child in their family. 32% of reality TV stars are also the oldest. show these are more than typical cases than exemptions.