newsgroup services

You can access high-speed Usenet access through Newsgroups anywhere around the world. The company has multiple servers located in different geographical location featuring Tier 1 internet access and redundant article storage. I used Newsgroups for 7 days for free accessing the 3GB bandwidth Usenet provides. I have not yet subscribed to the unlimited package, but I have used the metered accounts. The packages that the company provides offer free SSL encryption and 50 connections. The metered package I used had 3GB storage. There is also another metered package that offers 25GB. My subscription cost $2.95 while the 25GB costs $7.95. for the unlimited package, you will be charged a monthly cost of $10.95.

Support of Newsgroups

It is easy to encounter snags in newsgroups, that is why support is important. It is very easy to get assistance with Usenet because of the various support options the company has created for its members. In most times, I like going through the FAQ section before I contact the support team. In case I find a relatively difficult problem, I usually contact the billing or technical support team. After the ticket is processed, I receive an email that has a specific tracking number and other details of the ticket.

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