The way your shop floor or the workplace is organized can lead to plenty of waste and often more than you can imagine. The place might look clean, organized and tidy, but it might not be so actually.

Now, there is a solution!

Workplace organized

What is 5s? 5S refers to a unique step by step method which helps in eliminating waste which is possible by keeping the workplace organized. With this, it is possible to create a culture which is about improved efficiency as well as productivity. This is possible through activities like sorting, then setting, shining, standardizing and also sustaining the results. The techniques are now taught in different organisations, helping businesses to grow and flourish in the long-run.

Process of Improvement

Businesses and companies are doing their best to increase the productivity of their workplaces. This is one unique method by which productivity in the workplace is expected to increase.

This is a unique process improvement method which is just perfect for setting foundation for a culture which is about continuous improvement. It involves making the most of what can be organized and how it can be managed.

The Lean Six Sigma Method

Lean Six Sigma method of 5S helps in eradicating waste and helps in optimizing the workplace. There is a scope to master the work environment and will help in increasing productivity immensely. This 5S method is an important part of management course and is often a part of individual training. Including 5S in management course, offers a deep understanding of the subject and teaches the student, a step by step method on how to apply this 5S method in any kind of professional work environment. Students learn the implementation of 5S in practice. The subject is well explained through visuals, case studies, practical examples, quizzes and an exam at the end.