angio ffr

Angio FFR and Structural Heart Procedures provide innovative treatments for those suffering from cardiovascular disease. By combining the three-dimensional imaging of an angiogram with the ability to measure blood flow rates found with FFR, doctors can accurately diagnose a wide range of heart conditions. This includes finding narrowing of the vessels and determining whether it is contributing to poor functioning of the heart. From that diagnosis, Structural Heart procedures can be employed, such as placing stents or patches in affected regions to help improve blood flow and reduce symptoms. It has been instrumental in providing non-invasive solutions for living longer and healthier lives.

angio ffr

What to do against heart problems

Taking care of your heart is an important part of having a healthy life. Some approaches to protecting against heart problems include taking up regular physical activity, eating a nutritious diet, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding smoking and limiting alcohol consumption. For those already suffering from heart problems, following a prescribed medical treatment such as medications and/or therapies closely can lessen the risk of complications or further damage. Additionally, staying connected with doctors and health care providers makes it easy to share any changes in symptoms or lifestyle habits should they start occurring. 

How to prevent getting heart problems

Taking steps to prevent heart disease is something we should all aim to do as it can help to keep our hearts healthy and strong. Eating a diet rich in vegetables and lean proteins along with limiting high fat and sugary foods, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight are all important components of a heart-healthy lifestyle. Additionally, reducing stress where possible, seeing the doctor for regular checkups, and taking prescribed medications as directed by a healthcare professional are also great ways to ensure long term heart health. Taking proactive steps today can help us live healthier lives tomorrow.