Insurance Focus, stands for insurance focus. Insurance is an agreement between two parties: the insurer and the policyholder. The insurer undertakes to provide the policyholder with financial or service support under certain conditions.

What does insurance cover?

The insurer intervenes when the policyholder suffers damage in any way or causes damage to a third party. If you cause damage to a third party, your liability insurance will only intervene if there is a causal or causal relationship. This means that your insurer will only compensate the damage to the third party if there is a clear connection between the mistake that you have committed and the damage that the third party has suffered. The insurer also intervenes when a radical change takes place in the life of the policyholder. The cover is included in an insurance contract or insurance policy. The policyholder pays a premium for this insurance contract. In this way it is protected against possible risks or claims that are listed in the policy. The premium you pay will consist of the trade premium on the one hand, and the commission, acquisition costs, payments in installments, taxes and contributions on the other.