There are different forms of transport. Think for example of transport by road, by sea, but also by air. This is called air transport and is now a big part of our economy. Especially when goods need to be transported quickly to a distant destination, transportation by air is ideal. But what else does this form of transport involve and what are its advantages? We will tell you more about it in this article, so read on!


Air transport is all about safety. Not only with regard to the goods that need to be transported, there is also a guarantee that the goods will arrive in one piece at the destination. There is always a good check which goods can be transported by air. First they go through customs and are checked thoroughly. Because the goods are properly secured and stored, they cannot easily be damaged during the flight. The goods are fixed and cannot shift or fall over. This way you can be sure that the goods arrive safely at their destination.


An airplane is by far the fastest mode of transportation known to man. Unlike trucks and boats, an airplane arrives at its destination much faster. Of course, this depends on the place of arrival. Is the distance between the departure and arrival location too great? Then transport by air is used. If these places are not far apart, the goods can of course also be transported by road.


Another big advantage of transport by air is that aircraft have a lot of storage space and can therefore transport many products and goods at the same time. Their storage space is arranged in such a way that products can be stored via special systems whereby no space is left unused. We call this a VRR, where perfect fit air cargo products are used.