Don’t forget the music when you are organizing a party! For one this is very easy and quick to realize. But for me it is a big task what needs to be done. I myself have never organized this and would not know where to start. I really didn’t get any wiser via the internet. Fortunately a colleague of mine wanted to help and I took this help!

Our own dj booking agency in Amsterdam

Together we searched the internet for useful tips. Soon I ended up on the Evenses website. There is the DJ booking agency Amsterdam who could help us with the music! Because of this I no longer waited, but I went to look at this website. Various options can be found here. I did not have to worry about the price either. It soon became clear to me that we are in the right place at this company. The website was further examined and then I could easily choose from the artists that can be found here. I found it difficult to choose a great artist. I assumed that I could choose this within a matter of seconds. But reality proves the opposite to me. We thought about it for more than half an hour and finally made the choice to go for a DJ.