There have been thousands of different models of motorcycles that were produced over the years. Many of those have come and gone, but some of them have stood the test of time. This in spite of the fact that lots of people have forgotten about them. Perhaps you remember, perhaps you needed some help remembering, but here are some cool old motorbikes you might have forgotten!

The Honda CB750

Still around to this day because it is such a popular bike for restoration. Some even say that its popularity now is higher than it ever was before. There are even companies like CB750faces which specialize in parts and parts restoration services for this type of bike. Can you imagine!

The Triumph Bonneville

This bike was especially popular in the United Kingdom, where they were adopted by many different kinds of people when the bike first came out. It has become and remained an icon of the country ever since.

The Harley Davidson Sportster

If you say Harley Davidson, you say Sportster. The most iconic model of the most iconic brand is a bike you should never forget, but it is still easy to do so since few people are actually familiar with the different types of motorcycles created by Harley Davidson. If you remember one bike type created by the renowned brand, let it be the Sportster!

The Kawasaki Ninja

This bike was one of the first bikes to really scream that it is fast, without doing anything else. It is also the name, Ninja, as well as the fierce colors in which they were usually sold, that gave it a reputation for being the perfect bike for aspiring street racers and speed freaks. It just sounds cool, so why wouldn’t it be? This is why the Ninja belongs on our list!