You have no clear insight in the many processes of your company anymore? More and more organizations are opting for a digital transformation of those various business processes. Think of a digital transformation of IT processes, a digital transformation of customer processes or a digital transformation of enterprise processes. When an organization has chosen to digitize the company, it is difficult to shape this digital transformation within the IT of the company.

By designing a digital enterprise architecture tool, we can connect the different systems within an organization. This is an essential part of optimizing your business results. Developing fixed integrations is not necessary anymore with such a digital enterprise platform.

Developing a schematic representation of the desired digital enterprise architecture should lead to clarification of the relationship between different systems of the departments within an organization. The development of the ultimate digital enterprise software solution must actually link the systems together.

This collaboration between different systems, is an essential part of the digital transformation of companies. For example, the customer system must work with the system for your organization’s marketing department. The reuse of existing components also plays an important role in digital enterprise software development.

A structured landscape is of great importance for the digital transformation of the various processes within your organization to be successful. You lay the foundation for this with a well thought-out digital enterprise architecture! Therefore, use a BPM tool like the BlueDolphin tool, which is developed by the Dutch IT agency ValueBlue. A BMP tool will present you all the information of your entire company, completely in one software tool. Easy insights into all the departments will be shown on the main screen, plus it makes it way more easy to interact between all the departments.