Streaming services have a big impact on the way people watch TV. A few years ago we had to mark our calendars so we didn’t forget to watch our favorite television programs.  Nowadays, we can watch our favourite Tv-shows and movies whenever we want. This is a huge difference between how people watched Tv a few years ago and how they do now. In this article I will tell you why streaming services have such a big impact on the way people watch TV. 


An important reason why streaming services such as Netflix have a big impact in the way people watch TV, is because they offer many different possibilities. You can watch many different series in all kinds of different genres. Instead of normal TV where you just have to watch what is currently being broadcasted. In addition, you can decide for yourself where and when you watch a particular film or series. It offers consumers many different options and possibilities. But to be able to watch all kinds of streaming services it is important to have a Cloud TV

The future

Without a doubt, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon have taken over the television world. It is just a matter of time before all the traditional cable packages will no longer be used. It will be interesting to see what the streaming services will do next, because there are and will be more competitors. So they have to innovate their streaming services to keep the consumers loyal to their brand. 

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