A dental crown is an artificial tooth or teeth that is put over your own tooth or teeth. A dental crown can be made from different materials. Because a dental crown is made to measure, it looks natural and fits nicely with the rest of your teeth. 

When do you need a dental crown?

If a tooth or tooth is often filled or if there is not enough support to refill it after breaking down, a dental crown can be made. A dental crown ensures that your tooth or teeth are preserved. You can also have a dental crown made if you want to make your teeth look more beautiful for instance, if you are disturbed by discoloration or deformity of a tooth.

If there is a tooth or teeth missing, a bridge or an implant can be placed. An implant then serves as an artificial root on which a dental crown is put.


It may be that a preparatory treatment needs to be carried out first. For example, a filling or root canal or to strengthen the tooth, a pin or build-up may be required. The dentist sharpens the tooth or chooses to make room for the dental crown. For a dental crown on an implant, the dentist places a structure in the implant. A print is made of the teeth. This can be done with a print spoon (bites) or digital (scanning). It also captures how you close and determines the colour of the dental crown. The dentist can make the dental crown himself or outsource it to a dental technician.

To protect the towed tooth or tooth, a (temporary) emergency dental crown is placed. When the final dental crown is ready, the dental crown is examined. Then the dentist secures the dental crown.


A crown can be made from different materials. Which material is most suitable will depend on the place where the crown should come and to your wishes. 

  • Porcelain or zirconium: A crown of porcelain or zirconium is tooth-coloured and looks natural.
  • Metal and porcelain: The base of the crown is made of metal over which a layer of porcelain is applied.
  • Metal: Gold or silver crown. A metal crown is very strong and durable.


There are virtually no risks associated with dental crown treatment. However, you may have to get used to it at first or that your tooth is sensitive. If it feels a little too high, for example, your dentist can fix it. If the sensitivity does not go over or it gets worse, please contact your dentist or go to dentalteamturkey.com.