Leaf vacuum trailer

Since a couple of months we are working with Trilo’s leaf vacuum trailer. When the leaves are falling of the trees in the fall, the streets and parks are covered with leaves. When it rains it gets slippy and the large amount of leaves can cause accidents. Besides that, when it starts to rot, it is attractive for rodents such as rats or other animals. You really do not want that in your streets or park.

Remove leaves easily with the leaf vacuum trailer

Leaf vacuum trailerWith the leaf vacuum trailer, it is easy to remove leaves. Easy and also very effective. The leaf vacuum trailer is designed to be drawn by a multitude of vehicles, such as trucks and tractors. We use it with a tractor in the park so there is easy access. The trailer is short and compact so it is no problem to get around. With the low maintenance and maximal operating hours, it is a very effective machine.

Easy to use in different circumstances

The leaf vacuum trailer can be used on different surfaces: on flat lands or on hills. The noise the trailer makes is also very acceptable so it can be used without disturbing other people. We have tried several leaf blowers before but since we have this one, our streets and parks are free of leaves. Less accidants caused by large amount of leaves and less complaints of pests. Besides that, it also looks so much better and cleaner.

Specialist in vacuuming leaves

Leaf vacuum trailerWe bought this vacuum trailer at Trilo. With over 40 years of experience, this company knows everything about vacuuming leaves. If you need more information about this machine, you can visit the website for more information or contact them to make an appointment.