Looking for a wedding band? At Evenses you are at the right place. We are the entertainment professional in the UK. Your wedding day is more than a big party. It is a sequence of all special events. Each part deserves its own special place in time. A wedding band can be a big piece of your big day. The band creates the right mood for each part of your day.

Right music a must

The right music on your wedding day is a must. Evenses has hundreds of options for finding the best wedding band. Do you want a full dancefloor at the end of the party? Go for a one of our cover bands who will churn out the hits. We offer you amazing 80s and 90s cover bands, but also soul, pop, tribute, party and jazz bands.

Finding the perfect wedding band

A live band provides a rich sound and direct interaction with your wedding guests. This makes a wedding band a great option for the reception or the party. To help you finding the perfect wedding band, we have a very handy menu for you. Select your choices and discover which bands are the best for your wedding.

Enthusiasm, quality and professionality

When you hire a wedding band at Evenses, you choose for enthusiasm, quality and professionality. Al our bands have a long experience in performing. Want to know more? You can always contact us. We are available 24/7.