pallet inverter machine

Pallet Inverter machine is used to convert a pallet while it is loaded with the product. Depending on the machine, the platforms can be rotated up to 180 °.


Working of pallet inverter machine

The sturdy base frame has a rotating frame that has an anchoring mechanism. The clamp has a hydraulic spindle that works with electric motors. The loaded pallet is placed into the machine via the forklift, then inverted. Then another trowel is placed on top, with the side upside down. Then the forklift is pulled out, and the operator can start the turning process at the push of a button. After overturning, the damaged pallet can be discarded; then, it can be returned to storage.

How does this machine work?

The most common goal is the need to retrieve and replace a broken or insufficient pallet without having to empty the entire load. Sometimes products also need to be moved from storage pallets to loading pallets, and vice versa. Sometimes the pressure on the amount can change, and the reflector on the platform allows the load to be corrected. It is beneficial for the food industry, as wooden pallets can be replaced by cleaner plastic or steel pallets. Also, some products must be reversed to avoid stability.


Why use a pallet inverter machine?

Pallet adapters save time and money. Dumping and reloading platforms are time-consuming and expensive. Without a pallet reflector, a company must pay its workforce to transport goods from a pallet to a pallet. That links workers and also exposes them to the risk of injury. Dual product processing also increases the possibility of damage. The pallet reflector can be a standalone machine, but can also be combined on the assembly line to aid the pallet reversal and transport system. Buying this type of machine once can be a good investment for any company that has to accept and ship goods on pallets.